Exact Location will be Update in March 2019
Exact Location will be Update in March 2019

The Election Commission shall decide on the number of Polling Stations to be organized
in each of the Electoral Districts, taking into account all factors that may impact on the
integrity of the Election process.
The Locations having been announced by the Election Commission at least a week ahead of
the Polling date may be changed at least 48 hours ahead of the poll, with adequate rationale
thereof provided in an express appeal to the Election Commission by a Candidate or a voter
in the particular Electoral District. While not entertaining personal representations the
decision of the Election Commission shall be final with respect to location of Polling
Location of Polling Stations may also be changed by the Election Commission with
adequate notice to voters, for other reasons such as, sudden un-availability, un-anticipated
cost increase, lack of adequate volunteer support etc.
Changes to Polling Locations shall be promptly communicated to Candidates and voters. All
costs of establishing and operation of Polling Stations shall be met by the Election